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Aquaculture and Livestock Profits!!!!

Digifarm (Digital Farm 100 Trading) is a well established and unique Aquaculture (Prawn, Tilapia, Crab Farm) and Livestock

(Chicken and Pig Farm) company that innovatively designed and linked all these highly profitable farming ventures into a

massive online and offline business opportunity that can easily be accessed by any ordinary person.

With Digifarm, any regular person can easily dive in to Aquaculture and Livestock farming, without any knowledge

or knowhow about farming without owning a physical farm and without any effort of growing the farm. We do all the dirty

farming work for you, while you wait for the harvest time and rake in the profits.


1. Prawn Farming - One of our Aquaculture venture, designed to raise and

to raise andproduce fresh water prawns or shrimps for human consumption..

2. Tilapia Farming - We produce Tilapia fingerlings and raise and

grow them in cages for profit..

3. Crab Farming - We raise and grow young crabs in ponds in 5 to 6 months

till they reach marketing size and weight.

4. Poultry Farming - We raise domesticated chickens for the purpose

of farming meat or eggs for food.

5. Pig Farming - We raise domestic pigs for meat.


It's so easy to get into this venture and make money. All you have to do is, to BUY, to WAIT and MAKE MONEY!

Simply choose a venture or business that you want to take part, example: Prawn, Tilapia, Crab, Poultry

and Piggery,or you can even join all these profitable business all at once if you want.

BUY - From the farming venture that you've choosen, purchase the minimum number of fingerlings or products

that you want Digifarm to grow for you. For more details you can visit individual

WAIT - After your purchase, all you have to do now is to wait. Yes, its very easy...just wait for the harvest time.

Digifarm will do all the work for you by raising these fingerlings/products into a marketable product.

MAKE MONEY - Now that Digifarm have completed the cycle from growing your fingerlings to a marketable sized

product ready for selling, its time for us to sell and make money. Again we got you covered,

we do the marketing and selling for you. All you have to do is to collect your money when harvest day arrives.


For any of our members who wants to witness and experience how their products are being grown and taken care

of in our farms, feel free to contact us or visit our main office or any of our provincial offices and schedule a Farm Visit.

We'll be glad to give you a schedule and assistance.


Main Office

Provincial Branch Office

(Iriga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines)

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